Top 5 Factors Affecting Child Development and Their Solutions

father and son playing with a puppy LabradorWhen a baby is born, parents are on the lookout for milestones the child should achieve at each given time. It could be disappointing when your child does not reach certain milestones when expected. Parents need to understand that babies are different and reach the milestones at different times. However, some factors can affect a child’s development either positively or negatively. Below is a guide of the top five factors that affect a child’s growth and development;

1. Environment

When a baby is born, the brain is partially developed and connected. The brain develops as the baby continues to grow. The environment a child is exposed to affects his/her development. How? The people who surround the child, be it family members or playmates, contribute to what gets into the developing brain. Research shows that children who exposed to a supportive environment have their brains develop in a positive way unlike those surrounded by negative surroundings.
Solution- Therefore, to have your child grow into the person you would like to see, there is the need to have them around people who are supportive and encouraging.

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How to Guide Your Child on Matters of Sex and Relationships

teenage girl playing video gamesTalking about sex to your kids is not an easy task. It requires the parent to do thorough research on how to approach the topic without either the child or the parent feeling uneasy. Giving your child the right information about sex creates a unique bond where the child gains the confidence to approach you on all matters pertaining sexuality in life.

What Issues About Sex Do You Need to Tell Your Child?

Lessons about sex should start at a very age precisely when the child begins to understand him/herself. At different ages, the issues that you need to talk about sex may vary.

1. Young children

For young children, they need to be introduced to their private parts, and an explanation made as to why they are private. The child should be let aware that no one is allowed to touch them. Such lessons help the child gain confidence in the parent and in the case of any attempts of sexual abuse, the child immediately reports to his confidant.

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How to Prepare Your Child for The First Job

Teen Cashier Serves Fast FoodYour child just completed college, and he comes to you for assistance to look for a job. You are both excited that your son/daughter is all grown now to start working. However, when you remember the confusion you had on your first day at work, your face frowns. You don’t wish to see your child have the same experience you had many years back. Therefore, you need to support your child to have an exciting moment and love his workplace. Are you wondering how to go about it? The tips below will surely save you;

1. Help Them Get the Right Job

With the high levels of unemployment across the globe, your child might not get the job of their dream immediately. However, this is the right time for them to gain experience in the workforce since most employers ask for work experience before employment. Vocational work could be the right choice. You can help him secure a job at construction companies. Kids looking to work in the construction or roofing sector would be required to perform tasked such as those offered by the Best Roofers in Decatur. Roofing falls under structural engineering, an aspect of construction.

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Top 7 Principles of Good Parenting

Student and FatherParenting is not an easy task as every parent will say. It becomes even harder to a parent with more than one child. The reason behind it being, every child is different and requires to be treated differently from other siblings. To help you cope with this demand, below are seven tips that will assist you in the overall parenting of your children.

1. Be involved in the life of the child

A good parent should never be too busy for their children. Balance your daily demands with the attention your kids need. In simpler terms, give the children the priority you give to your job. Aim at being that parent who understands everything that happens to their children. Achieving this requires spending quality time with them through family talks, playing with them and general friendly conversations. With this method, you are sure of strengthening the friendship between a parent and their child.

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How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Family looking at the laptopSibling rivalry refers to the competition and unnecessary fighting between brothers and sisters. Sibling rivalry is intense with same sex siblings and those with shorter age gaps. The jealousy heightens due to the feeling that the other child is receiving better attention from parents. Sibling rivalry if not well handled could lead to adverse effects on the entire family.

Dangers of Sibling Rivalry

i. It is disastrous

Sibling rivalry can be very disastrous if not managed by parents. One of its unfavorable effects is the tension the competition brings in a home. Tension extends to the parents who get stressed not understanding why their children keep fighting. The fights also affect other children in the home not involved in the rivalry. These fights rob a family its peace and happiness.

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A Guide on Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits for Your Child

dad dogMost people do not recognize the importance of exercise. Regular activities are necessary for physical fitness and good health. If you want your kid to feel better, have more energy and even live longer, you must allow them to exercise. For proper growth and development, a child needs a healthy diet and regular exercise. These are the vital elements that ensure your kids not only reaches their growth milestones with no delay but also keeps your them happy and full of life.

Importance of exercises for your child

1. Healthy weight
With regular activity, children can maintain a healthy body weight that matches their height to weight ratio, otherwise known as Body Mass Index. The child also develops strong and healthy muscles. Regular exercise help kids burn more calories and extra fat and prevent all issues that rise from obesity.

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How to Raise Well-rounded Children in Five Simple Ways

kids computerWho is a well-rounded child?

A well-rounded child is one who fully understands his/her worth. Such children believe in their potential and apparently know where they exactly fit in the world. However, getting such a child in early stages of life is quite difficult since their world at that time revolves around family and discovering the world around them

What are the characteristics of a well-rounded kid?

There could be more characteristics of such kids, but most children psychologists outline the following as the traits to discover a well-rounded child

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Introduction to Healthy Parenting

Student and FatherHealthy parenting is a social phenomenon that involves inculcating good manners in children. Parenting is quite involving and is often carried out by parents or adults who act as guardians to children. In essence, the parenting techniques used in the upbringing of a child heavily influence their character and behavior.

As a child matures into adulthood, they exhibit the behaviors and habits that they learned in their childhood. Parenting ultimately affects society at large especially if children are brought up in the wrong manner. This makes it very important for parents to practice healthy parenting to nurture well-mannered children who can transition into responsible and respectful adults.

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