How to Help your Child Overcome Fear and Anxiety

overcomeAnxiety and fears not only affect adults but also affect young kids. If fears and anxiety are not handled early enough, kids can develop phobias and exacerbated fears which can be carried out through adulthood. For example, if you don’t deal with your kids’ fear of darkness or “boogie man,” the fear may be transformed to an irrational fear of strangers, fear of unknown or fear of violence.

Fear and anxiety are common emotions in young children. Dealing with anxieties and fears can prepare young people to handle the unsettling experiences and challenges in life. Remember when the child becomes anxious the parent will also become anxious too. Below are some of the steps a parent can take to overcome fear and anxiety in his/her children. Continue reading How to Help your Child Overcome Fear and Anxiety

How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Child

rich-boyEvery parent knows the importance of equipping a child with intellectual skills they need to succeed in school and life. As a parent, you need to coach a child to regulate their emotional world and increase their self-confidence. This coaching helps in improving school performance, contributing to a greater physical health and healthier social relationship. Raising an emotionally intelligent child contributes to enriching the bond between the child and parent, and contribute immensely to the development of a class of emotionally healthy adults. Continue reading How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Child

Important Skills Every Child Needs to Learn

boy-skillsIn today’s world, kids are missing a lot of life skills since the parents don’t have a knowledge of the essential skills. It is important to prepare your kid for the world so that they can take care of themselves. Remember you will not be with your kids forever, so it is important to teach them the basic skills that will make them an engaged, compassionate and well-rounded adult. Below are five great life skills that you can teach your children:

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How to Raise a Child with Great Values

mother_and_daughter_smilingMost parents want to instill values such as honesty, self-discipline, generosity, respect, dependability and kindness to their children. By instilling such values in kids, it helps protect them from potentially harmful influences and lay a good foundation for them to become good citizens. As, parents, if we do not instill such values we are not fulfilling our parental responsibility to our kids.

Teaching values take time, and this is often easier said than done. The world today create an avenue where parents spent more time at work than with their children. As a result, outside influence like entertainment industry and peer influence through the use of internet and movie industries have greater effects in shaping the kids perspective of viewing things. Hence, parents need to make time to be with their families especially children to help them learn what the kids are up to of late. Continue reading How to Raise a Child with Great Values

How to Help a Child Deal with Anger

anger-boyDo you find your child lashing out? Does the kid get angry when you deny them playing video games or celebrating their birthdays ? Do they turn angry when you refuse them going out to have fun with their friends on weekends? All kids like all humans, get mad. When humans feel threatened, we move into a fight. Anger is the body’s “fight” response. Kids get angry in response to outside threats as well as in response to their own feelings.

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Ways in which parents destroy their children’s self esteem

i-believeParents believe that they are doing a particular deed or applying a specific disciplinary methodology for the child’s right. As well, they also lie to themselves that a child will appreciate this one day. The assertion that if they did not care, they would not be applying such corrective measures may not be useful in the reality.

Additionally, most parents use corrective and discipline action in a way that negatively impacts or irreparably damage a child’s self-esteem. Moreover, most parents believe that they are only guiding and helping their child, when in fact, they are causing harm instead. Here are the things parents do that can destroy their children’s self-esteem! Continue reading Ways in which parents destroy their children’s self esteem

How to Discipline your Kids without Losing your Cool

father_with_childWe are all aware that when children are growing, they are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes it has become very tedious to handle children and discipline them. Children will always throw tantrums, make a mess or create chaos just to annoy their parents. When this happens, the parent will get annoyed and end up spanking the kid. Studies have shown that beating your children only makes them aggressive. When children are beaten, they suffer from low self-confidence and depressive moods. Beating your child is not always the right form of discipline. It is not a good way to imbibe good habits in children. You don’t need to scold your children for every mistake; situations need to be handled calmly and with thought. Continue reading How to Discipline your Kids without Losing your Cool

Why children Need Both a Mom and Dad in their Upbringing

mother-and-fatherOur humanity is diminished by those who say that we are only generic persons randomly equipped with either sperm or eggs. Deconstruction of the biological family structure comes with profound and painful consequences. The presumption that children need both a mother and father is widespread and has been used in many circles to argue about same-sex marriages and disapprove the ideas of the common saying – mommies can make better daddies.The cooperative influence and input of a male parent and a female parent are essential for proper child development. Continue reading Why children Need Both a Mom and Dad in their Upbringing

Top 5 Factors Affecting Child Development and Their Solutions

father and son playing with a puppy LabradorWhen a baby is born, parents are on the lookout for milestones the child should achieve at each given time. It could be disappointing when your child does not reach certain milestones when expected. Parents need to understand that babies are different and reach the milestones at different times. However, some factors can affect a child’s development either positively or negatively. Below is a guide of the top five factors that affect a child’s growth and development;

1. Environment

When a baby is born, the brain is partially developed and connected. The brain develops as the baby continues to grow. The environment a child is exposed to affects his/her development. How? The people who surround the child, be it family members or playmates, contribute to what gets into the developing brain. Research shows that children who exposed to a supportive environment have their brains develop in a positive way unlike those surrounded by negative surroundings.
Solution- Therefore, to have your child grow into the person you would like to see, there is the need to have them around people who are supportive and encouraging.

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How to Guide Your Child on Matters of Sex and Relationships

teenage girl playing video gamesTalking about sex to your kids is not an easy task. It requires the parent to do thorough research on how to approach the topic without either the child or the parent feeling uneasy. Giving your child the right information about sex creates a unique bond where the child gains the confidence to approach you on all matters pertaining sexuality in life.

What Issues About Sex Do You Need to Tell Your Child?

Lessons about sex should start at a very age precisely when the child begins to understand him/herself. At different ages, the issues that you need to talk about sex may vary.

1. Young children

For young children, they need to be introduced to their private parts, and an explanation made as to why they are private. The child should be let aware that no one is allowed to touch them. Such lessons help the child gain confidence in the parent and in the case of any attempts of sexual abuse, the child immediately reports to his confidant.

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