March 5th, 2013:

The bill to adopt a new flag for Oregon (SB 473) has "died" in the Senate Rules committee. There will be no forward movement on this bill. I want to thank the many, many people who have been supportive of this effort. I still believe Oregon deserves a banner that is distinctive, easily recognizable and conforms to accepted vexillological standards! CHF to JPY

Maybe next year?

Matt Norquist, Gresham 

Fremont Bridge flags

A new flag for Oregon!


Fellow Oregonians,

Welcome to the campaign to adopt a new flag for our state– a new flag that all Oregonians can proudly display.


The current flag of Oregon was adopted in 1925 by the legislature, and frankly, not much thought was given to its design. "Let's just throw up the state seal on a blue background," seems to have been the idea. It must have been the thing to do back in the day, because there are over 20 US state flags that are virtually indistinguishable from Oregon's current flag (state seal on a blue background). EUR to JPY


Our current flag does have one distinction among state flags: It is the only one with a different reverse side from the obverse side (front). But when its flying, or even displayed indoors, it still looks like so many other flags. It's not very unique. It is dark and drab-- in fact, on a rainy, windy day (of which there are many in Oregon), from a distance it almost looks like a black flag! 


We can do better. Please CLICK HERE to read why Oregon's banner needs an upgrade. Poke around the site and read about the symbolism of the new proposed design, plus find out what YOU can do to get this campaign on the radar of the Oregon legislature-- those who can actually adopt it!


Thanks for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you, and I ask for your support and activism.


Matthew Norquist,




"I believe it is time for Oregonians to reconsider the design of the current state flag.  It is bureaucratic-looking, and uninspiring.  

As Oregon is recovering from a recession, I think new flag would symbolize a new face for Oregon.  As a former elected official I can't think of a more exciting idea to rally us "around the flagpole."   

Mr. Norquist's proposed design is bold; it encompasses all Oregonians, and it pays homage to our history and our great land. Best of all, it doesn't cost us taxpayers one cent."  chart EURJPY


–David Widmark, former Gresham City Councilor