Oregon trivia and facts

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Oregon, the Beaver State. Here are some official facts about our state:

Capital:  Salem 

Largest City:  Portland

State Animal:  American Beaver 

State Tree:  Douglas Fir 

State Flower:  Oregon Grape 

State Fish:  Chinook Salmon 

State Nut:  Hazelnut (Filbert) 

State Rock:  Thunder egg 

State Bird:  Western Meadowlark 

State Gem:  Oregon Sunstone 

State Motto:  "She flies with her own wings." 



Oregon's official State Song is "Oregon, My Oregon." 

"Land of the empire builders, land of the golden west,

Conquered and hailed by free men, the fairest and the best.

Onward and upward ever, forward-- and on, and on!

Hail to thee, land of heroes, my Oregon!"  




A really nice song about Oregon: